I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series

I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete SeriesNo description available for this title.
Item Type: DVD Movie
Item Rating: NR
Street Date: 11/11/08
Wide Screen: no
Director Cut: no
Special Edition: no
Language: ENGLISH
Foreign Film: noSubtitles: no
Dubbed: no
Full Frame: yes
Re-Release: no
Packaging: Sleeve

Price: $174.95

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Mothers day gift ideas for MOM is the best

The working mother mothers day (13th may 2008) is expecting a nice gift from her children. Is MOM to work, is to buy whatever they can afford. But on that day, she loves to see how children remembered her presents each, she gave them through out the year.

What is important for mothers and mothers is the essence of the day and how the children to respect them.Be working mother, I propose to give her something to be useful in her day. here are some gift ideas for mothers, would be best suited to the working mother mothers day.

Laptop-laptop reasonable standard configuration now you can get below 600 dollars.GPS-best offer to give your mother can be a portable GPS, GPS useful, when lost in an unfamiliar city lanes. Smartphone-smart hand held pone with functions for data processing, email, GPS, music, and pictures is the perfect gift for mothers.
Journal/design-another good gift idea for working Mothers in order to maintain their working schedule.
The firm leather bag-preferably to contain items a day and that there is space for a laptopDesigner clothes-or dress the firm will be a choice for working mothers.-shoes for leading store gift card. Perfume-selection for perfume is infinite, a special effort to know how she loved.

Mothers day gift ideas for Moms love pet

The best gift for mothers day mother loves pets will have to find out which pet is like. Some cats prefer to mother over the dogs, some prefer to birds, reptiles, some prefer to work according to the statistics most MOM prefer cats. May this mother's day (13th may 2008), you want to give your pet a cat as pretty as a gift

Your mother.

Cats-cats are independent, intelligent ???????, obvious to the owner. They are fluffy and they remain covered gift idea day mothers. pet dogs-another excellent choice as a pet gift day mothers. Especially if your mother lives alone, provided to handle the sitter. It requires to maintain, to take a dog park, dog food, dog clothes/toys.Birds-maintained low, buy a pair of pet parrot with cage cage match in one corner. of the House.
Needs cleaning weekly low food supplies, cage.

Mothers day gift ideas for Moms gardening

All mothers love flowers, gardening.
Your mothers day gift book special flower gardening or where the last season as the plant gift for mothers.You can also buy your annual subscription for her gardening magazine.
I'm sure those who love gardening happy mothers see product choice.

Gardening-gardening magazine magazine great build or design view of your home.Flowers-no matter what a gift you give it must be accompanied with a bunch of colorful flowers.Gardening Tools-special tools such as Drill set work household items inside.-this small items such as large mirrors for the living room, a decorative item for the fire place, kitchen items, etc.

Mothers day gift ideas for moms big

What moms want to get out of their love for the big ones.I suppose a hug or flowers.But some of the moms have special gifts, flowers, sweaters, the best drawings. waiting to give you great mother elbum photo with your last image of families.

Flowers-no matter what a gift you give it must be accompanied with a bunch of colorful flowers.Chocolate-chocolate with mothers day send a custom message.Picture frames/images-great mothers love to see the pictures of the sum of their children, send latest images will be decorated frame is ideal for gift include mother mothers day or a collection of old movies. songs of old, not like this.

Mothers day gift ideas stylish moms

Stylish Moms with style in everything, what they eat, wear, what perfume are users or which shops are all it depends on the purchases. taste and style their best perfume mothers day, fashionable clothes should be pricy, adjust the style ?????????? ????????????? or personal jewellery Designer

Mothers day gift ideas for gadget moms

MOM gadget is updated with the world of technology. MP3 players ?????????????? ????????????? electronics for mothers

Add your day mothers fantasy shopping concept and exciting
Mothers day wonderful idea.

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Holiday gift ideas for the festive season exciting

If you want to see your loved one's face, a smile when they receive a gift from you, and then browse to the following holiday gift ideas can help you.

Festive season is here. Tradition tells us with Christmas treat each other with compassion and to spread the love everywhere by exchanging gifts.Spirit of Christmas spirit of giving holiday gifts, gifts of love are truly. exciting and unique here are some ideas for Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Christmas gifts for men

When they are buying a gift for a man, it is always a good idea to consider his hobbies or personal interests.Find out if he has other sport or hobby General. If it is a sport you gift him something with a favorite sports team print or sportsperson. Example of a team or sleeved wool into cages with team logo or signature of the cup of coffee with a prototype. This is a great idea to give him his favorite game tickets.

One holiday gift ideas for men is the latest look at gadgets for gifts. Most men are today gadget freaks.There are many online and offline promotions available during the festive season in each budget.

Christmas gifts for women

When they buy a gift for a woman, be sure to buy a gift that interests you and that fits her lifestyle is very obvious choice for. presents will be perfume or jewellery.You can never go wrong with them.

If you want to gift something related to her unique gift was a good alternative to hobbies. If it is a gift then Frick fitness fitness equipment or holiday gifts for its inexpensive food or drinks such as diet. If it into a read and then sold the latter was gifting is a great idea.

Christmas gifts for children

You already endless ideas for holiday gifts for kids if you want to buy the gifts to your children's or someone else's one important thing to remember ... is the age of the child so that you can have a variety of toys or books to choose from.

If you are planning early, want to buy some last-minute Christmas gift then gifting the children full of chocolate basket idea would never fail and will not be a child. almost who don't like chocolate.

Every time you buy a gift for someone, remember that the more time and effort put into buying a gift, more evaluation was ultimately receive.

I hope these ideas inspire holiday gift in choosing the best gift for your loved ones.

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1980's Retro Candy Gift Box

1980's Retro Candy Gift BoxThis Retro Candy Gift Box is full of favorite nostalgic candy assortments from past decades. GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Apple Heads, Bottle Caps, Bubble Gum Cigarettes, Candy Cigarettes, Charms Blow Pops, Fruit Stripe Gum, Fun Dip, Gobstoppers, Grape Heads, Jolly Rancher Sticks, Mamba, Mike & Ikes, Nerds, Orange Heads, Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks, Runts, Saf-T-Pops, Slap Stix, Sweetarts, Wax Fangs, Zotz, Atomic Fireballs, Candy Necklaces, Bazooka, Bit O Honey, Jawbreakers, Lemonheads & Now & Laters.

Each box contains 55 or more total pieces (a mixture of small, medium & full size candies) & weighs between 2 - 2 1/2 pounds. Box size approx. 9.5"x5"x10.5". Some items may be substituted when necessary

Price: $32.95

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Set of 4- MONSTER ENERGY DRINK Vinyl Car/Truck Sticker/Decal By BobandJudysMarket @Amazon

Set of 4- MONSTER ENERGY DRINK Vinyl Car/Truck Sticker/Decal By BobandJudysMarket @AmazonThis set of 4- MONSTER ENERGY DRINK Vinyl stickers is Monster GREEN and measures: name 1' X 6.5", top large set of spikes is 3" X 5" and the two smaller sets are 2" X 3" They adhere to car or truck windows or bodies (but will stick to any smooth, flat surface) and are tough, car wash safe! (The BLACK background is NOT part of the stickers) After rubbing on the sticker the clear carrier is removed leaving only the vinyl sticker. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We enclose ILLUSTRATED instructions and a FREE plastic burnisher with EVERY sticker order! If you have any questions just e-mail us at Bob and Judys Market through Amazon. Beware of other sticker sellers who copy our stickers and offer them at lower prices. They are far inferior in quality and craftsmanship. BE SURE AND BUY STICKERS ONLY FROM BobandJudysMarket @ Amazon


Click here to buy from Amazon

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Prone to procrastination? Last Minute gift ideas to save the day

What makes Endowment gift ideas are expected as soon as the last difficult not having nothing left to buy. Is that we're too rushed to brainstorm ideas for a unique gift. Gifts are a way to show people that are important in your life like self-sufficient. Global gifts, such as an electric razor pre-wrapped, don't say "I love you" quite noisy as something more personal.

The good news is that last-minute gift ideas that don't have to look like a last-minute gifts.There are some last-minute gift ideas to pack a lot of thought into some shopping time. following are some of the best foreign.

Have someone tell you "the best gift you ever had to ask for this year?", take them at their word and give them the gift of yourself. For example, you can give them a gift certificate for the equivalent of the woodwork, the baby-sitting in a monthly calendar, or a home cooked meal delivered personally each week.
Unique gift ideas to pull this together, get on your computer, design, fun, Deluxe or OK to print it. It took only seconds to make to you, but the real value while you are devoting to your beloved throughout the year.

Find unique gift ideas is easily one zero hobbies or personal interests of the person. This particular piece of advice, but here's the new barely two specific ways to implement it. When it comes to your hobbies and interests, magazine subscriptions are Christmas gifts can not miss the last moment. For books, to absorb the current topic of the magazine you mail the order form, undo, wraps up the current problem with a note informing the recipient of their year-long subscription.

You can also choose an accessory or gadget that pertains to a hobby of the recipient, and buy them high-end brand-name version. For example, your life massacre appreciate holiday gift basket to hold a set top row of the designer oven mitts with compatible timer of the kitchen. Invest in high-quality brand aid that this person never buy themselves.Thrill of having best appreciated as a gift to himself.

Holiday gift baskets are a great last-minute gift idea.Creating holiday gift basket is some fun as one transportation. first, go with the theme.It can be a hobby, "date night" or "gourmet gift basket.Get creative!, then take a quick stroll around the aisles Department., take everything looks likely the last theme, before you go ... to the checkout, search through the treasures you collected and pick out the best of the lot.

Another variation on the holiday gift basket idea is to buy the recipient of the membership clubs "Gourmet chocolate" or "Food month" you can sign them to chocolate gift baskets or get monthly strictly kosher gift baskets with chocolate toffee candy. This is another gift when purchased at the last minute is okay because you can simply write out a nice card to say them on standby and will reach the first basket full of fine chocolate.

Here are some last-minute gift ideas other than compassionate but still quick and easy:

· Sports event tickets to the Museum, or game
Framed picture of you both · together
· Movie starring their favorite actor or their favorite band's CD
· Donate their favorite charity auction
· Gift card or their favorite shop restaurant

Another idea for a gift at the last moment? print this list of last-minute gift ideas and save it somewhere handy!

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Great gift ideas for father's day

Father's day gifts can be a tricky proposition. Fortunately, most men have similar basic needs and wants that do not change much, no matter their age or status. This father's day gift buying guide to help you understand how to buy a father's day gift that dear old dad would say that you care about — specifically, that you care enough to think about what he really wants to get on father's day.

Electronics-gifts for the techno-dad

Men don't like asking directions, so help get Dad where he has to go with the global positioning system GPS handheld Basic or portable GPS unit displays the map coordinates. GPS systems from luxurious to GPS system simple divider lines in the multi mount car audio/video component is loaded with all units and what you want, how many things you can discover the world.

Lcd TV
Most televisions, LCD flat panel televisions are called because they are thin bright enough to hang on the wall like a painting. LCD technology has seen a huge improvements in recent years, the LCD TVs are the most popular TV group. Large screens are wonderful, but not necessarily--TV 26 inch LCD affordably which works in most rooms. A serious movie or sports fan, 32 in. to 42-inch widescreen HDTV nothing to be jealous of. If you have a very large TV room or just like your life-sized action for 52 cm or larger!

Home Theater Audio
If dad already has a widescreen TV, well, what an amazing video without audio ??????Choose from home cinema!The rooms are small, home-theater-in-a-package containing amplifier, receiver and speakers – enough but not too much. For Dads who never shout, "Turn your stereo!" to go with surround sound speakers – multi speaker system — identified by number: 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1; ".1 "subwoofer (deep notes); another number is the number of speakers are spread them throughout the group., room are restored theater-quality audio.

IPods & MP3 players
Dad seems to increase with "boomboxes" or "ghetto blasters," large drawers radio tape players. today's dad still wants to hear Johnny Cash and Elvis or Rachmaninov (or perhaps SheDaisy), but in an open MP3 players. iPods iPods help reduce interruptions while working. MP3 players make great partners driving or exercising. If music is not a thing of the father, to help keep the old grey matter with audio books.

Video game consoles and games
Lots of Dads who grew up with video games and then outgrew them now that they have ... to play with the kids, video games make father's day gift ideas, shiny new video game console. "can be a great way to get one on one time with each child.It is also a way of MOM and dad to watch the video games kids games.

Sports gifts for dad is active

Think you're out of father's Day ideas because Dad has a room full of electronics?Here's an idea: turn them off!, turn them off, throw the children in the car and take ????????! what good is this father's day which brings the entire world into your living room to check out if you never experience the real thing? Fishing gear gifts or presents camping Dad can be a simple and economical, or purchase enough camping equipment for the crusade. (By the way, if the father is not really the Lewis and Clark, the mother may still make it a family camping in the back yard, whether it is buying an intimate double sleeping bag to go with it!)

Golf course
Whether the father of a professional or a local club duffer, if the man loves its links, it needs something. (Not to buy golf lessons to him unless he knows he needs them.) Fortunately, the great thing about golf gifts is not the driving range, a range, a price range they begin an effective equipment!, cheap like rangefinders scorecards beyond electronic all the way to the Golf Club set including best handmade wood or most high tech irons.

The Q!
BBQ 's.BBQ can be the most popular sports turf of America, like all great athlete, the correct equipment enabling the point spread is important.Classic charcoal grill or the new-style Grill and more gas Grill accessories are cooking essentials that many home store.Incidentally, dad will even more with this father's day baskets full of tasty treats, gourmet food or treats others!

Dads work hard, so that they appreciate the father's day gifts that help them relax. "Night poker with the boys "is more common in late-night reruns of polished than most, but not gone the way of a vinyl record yet.Poker is more than a way to trade money; this is something with your hands while men talking things manly.Father not to gamble?There is no problem with the games covered many of today's marketplace. chess games include Board, Backgammon or large game room purpose., table billiard or pool table accessories.Gift ideas are all Dads they will be grateful to every time they fill out.

Other gift ideas, gifts for Dad-difficult-to-buy-

Equipment will work for most Dads gizmos, but not all.Father's day gifts-Wikipedia, the meaning of the personal gifts that reflect the personality of a father, not just something with your name or initials – require thought.Dads with other flavours, father's day can be an interesting challenge:

Excellent style
Men's clothing and jewelry of great choices for men that is serious about his father, but it can be tricky.Full study for personal items are truly meaningful ??????? perpetual father's day gift giving – getting something like severity rather than something like some Dads father always dressed. accidental; a few are always dressed for business; some like to mix it with what he is, there are lots of gift ideas for father's day clothing store (mainly in the Designer!).Similarly, the right men's jewellery, including some fine watches for men may be the father's day gift that really hit the mark; one is of wearing a life, dear family could become point.

Academic promotion
For father's Day ideas that Dads practical business or profession requires to catch up with the latest progress, or simply a good Dads love story, choose something also told of the classics with the latest releases or in books, movies, music and video.

"Back in my day ..."
Dad is waxing nostalgic? is it always the way things were "desert"? if so, perhaps retro gift father's day gift is love., receive phone picture framed collectible candlestick showing someone admires, souvenir collegiate or something else to remind him – with a gentle smile-Wikipedia, the meaning is getting on for years.

Pro from a speaker!
Whether a professional father Adam? most it pros still carrying briefcases or cases Lisboa and wear those eventually practical gifts ideas. are great father's day gift for the man acts. Select event business Prime-new charger or the skin.

What is it?

Getting the right size can be a tricky proposition. If you want to receive personalized father's day gifts like the clothes really fit well, look what dad wears frequently. Typically, this is what is most suitable for him. "If you can't measure, measure wardrobe man.

What's not working on father's day?

Keychain-unless it contains a new car keys, keep this one at auto parts.

"Oh, I don't really want to do something."Yes, really.

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